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Corporate Location

1320 Tower Road in Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tegratecs Development Corp.
1320 Tower Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Now with easy on and off access to Meacham Road in Schaumburg from the east via I90 (not yet shown).


Tegratecs Development Corp. was founded as an Illinois corporation based in Schaumburg, Illinois, starting operations in 1986 under the name Information Consultants, Inc. 

We have been talking about integrated application architecture from a software prospective since the 1990s and concurrent multi-user solutions with relational database foundations since the late 1980s... 

And building them successfully for companies such as, as originally named, American Hospital Supply, Baxter Healthcare, Central DuPage Hospital, Chicago Finished Metals, Children's Memorial Hospital, Culligan International, Inc., Hartz and Company, Inc., Interpoint Corporation, KW Control Systems, Levy Home Entertainment, Parking Company of America, Rosenbluth International, Inc., Roxane Laboratories, Inc. and SuperValu, Inc.

Summary of Development Services

Tegratecs is a provider of innovative software and solutions for the changing needs of your growing SMB.  Our success in delivering well-tuned and cost effective mult-user software is now extending to the web, and in many cases, can delivered within an incremental level of investment. 

Our formula for sustaining user satisfaction, reducing maintenance costs and increasing ROI is to deliver designs that handle base requirements along with considerations for how the user and application will evolve.

with tegratecs!
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Our contact information:
Tegratecs Development Corp.
1320 Tower Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
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