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Dynamic Subsets
with Reordering by Composite Key

DataLens Slide Show - Work with Database Records showing Dynamic Filtering and Temporary Key Path Creation

(shown using the looksoftware smartclient)

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Real Time File Editing

  • Direct Access to Authorized Files
  • Select from Existing Logical Views
  • Access by Key or RRN
  • Work with Record List Panels  (WRKRCD *cmd)
  • Change, Copy, Add, Purge, View, Print
  • Select Fields of Interest
  • Reorder Field Display by Importance
  • Jump Between Columns by Field Name
  • Fix Data Decimal Errors
  • Dynamically Creates New Access Paths
  • Select a Smaller Group of Records
  • Re-sequence by a New Key Order
  • Reformat Date Fields for Sorting

Functions and Features

  • Powerful and flexible data editor
  • Dynamic sort selection
  • Field selection and sequencing
  • Dynamic record selection by rules
  • Position to record by key or RRN
  • Multiple Record Maintenance or Purge
  • Fix invalid numeric fields
  • Display / Print database relations
  • Ability to define fields and sub-fields
  • Print field definitions
  • Complete audit trail of all changes
  • Complete on-line help and documentation

Determine Data Relationships

  • Between Files  (WRKDBR *cmd)
  • Between Fields

Deliver Improved Data Quality

  • Analyze Programming Results Faster
  • Locate Fields in Error
  • Find Problem Records
  • Select by Time Frame
  • Isolate Records by Key
  • Recover from Data Corruption Quickly
  • Use Complex Relationships to Identify Corrupted Data
  • Print Results for Verification
  • Correct Groups of Records

Mass Record Maintenance

  • Mass Change Definitions  (WRKMCD *cmd)
  • Check and/or Fix Referential Integrity
  • Populate default value in new fields and report changes made
  • Verify and/or correct data quality in test databases 
  • Read/Update/Delete Any File's Fields and Records 
  • Join with Up to 8 Other Files
  • Select with Interrelated Criteria
  • Use Formulas for Field Updates
  • Populate Audit File
  • Perform Audit Runs First
  • Generate Audit Reports

Parse and Edit Records without Fields

  • Edit by Position  (WRKRCDP *cmd)
  • Create DAT Field Definitions for:
  • Tape Files
  • Fixed Format PC Files
  • Non-Data Base Files
  • S/36 Files
  • Source Files

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For researching data quality questions, populating new database fields and correcting referential integrity links in your test database, Mass Change Definitions make manipulation of groups of records quicker to accomplish and possible without programming.

Up to 10 files can be linked relationally to provide input to this global file editing process.  Record level update and delete are provided even with join (composite format) files.  Formatted reports are available for professional documentation of data found or changed.  Other uses include "fix" program generation for population of new database fields in production.

Try out or purchase DataLens for DB2/400 today DataLens Resources and Downloads.

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