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Get a no-obligation, no-hassle account and password.
Contact us for a 30 day trial version authorization code.
Download this image, unzip it and burn it directly to CD as volume DATALENS,
then plop it into an IBM i optical device
and RSTLIB DataLens DEV(OPTxx) !
First *cmd = datalens/WRKRCD lib/file
$95 per year subscription with signed license agreement

Download SAVLIB image of DataLens for DB2/400 for free trial
(SAVLIB to Restore on CD)

Intended Recipient:  Application Software Developer,  QA Tester,  Inquiry-Only Version for Power Users

form image shown with looksoftware smartclient and Financial Portrait repository, which can be licensed separately
Music Improv Afficionados:
Click here to hear the DataLens theme song via a separate window
WRKRCD Example for DB2/400

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