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Getting the
Up and Running
  • Let us help you with development services or to supply examples
  • We can help you formulate strategy, train your resources or do the development

  • Use Visual Studio IDE and c#, VB.NET or 3rd Party Language

  • Installing and Specifying Settings (Call Us!)(Plumbing)
  • .dll download, packages.config in project, Toolkit for Java installation on server
  • .dll may require .NET Framework version overrides in web.config

  • connection strings can take advantage of *LIBL technique (with DB2 for i version only)

  • Eliminate library and schema and testing-based hard-coding with library list technique!

  • Here is a connection string example from a web.config file, based on a working production version, using the library list technique.  Remember to create your stored procedure and SQL PL with compatible syntax and options based on the system naming technique. 

    Please use the Contact Us phone number and extension for a no-cost, no-obligation discussion.  Or register and get a free code snippet of your choosing.
  • like Miss Sue in the Blind Side movie, we're here to help you use those maps and to reach your destination. Like Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark. And some of the book authors have it wrong. You believe us? You trust us, Monsieur/Madame DIY?  We've got production level quality stuff we want to pass along!

  • <connectionStrings>

  • <add name="strDotNetDB2iCnnName" connectionString="DataSource=; UserID=USRPRFNAME; Password=USRPRFPWD; Naming=System; LibraryList=LIBNAME1,LIBNAM2,LIBNAM3;"/>

  • </connectionStrings>

  • Use inline SQL or stored procedure calls

  • Use Equivalent Constructs as with Other Data Providers for .NET Environment
  • define methods for DB2 for i access at the same scope and with the same functional equivalent as with those for MS SQL Server
  • most adapters are supported
  • populate and work with .NET FW OO dataset objects that were created via drag and drop from DB2 for i file columns and subsets
  • we like to characterize dataset objects as multi-occurrence data structures on steroids

  • Additional features
  • meta data for stored procedure parameters is available to HLL such as c# or VB.NET
  • *LIBL (library list) path support for stored procedures

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 picture (for illustrative purposes only)

IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries.dll illustration

IBM DB2 for i picture (for illustrative purposes only)

  • Let us help you with development services or to supply examples
  • We can help you formulate strategy, train your resources or do the development

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