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Omni presents Intro to Python on IBM i...

On Tuesday June 20th, 2017, Mike Pavlak will be giving a presentation focusing on helping you get started using Python on IBM i, that will also include info on how you can leverage some of the free contributions available from the open source community (to help developer productivity).  Python is one of several open source languages that are being highlighted at IBM i related conferences around the country this year.  Mike is on The Omni User's board of directors this year and is a Solutions Consultant at Zend Technologies, Inc.  Casey's Restaurant and Bar is the location and is now easier to get to via Rohlwing Rd as the construction has been completed. See more about this presentation...

Tegratecs' Rex Smith presented at COMMON 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibition at Universal Orlando

COMMON's largest event this year ran May 7-10, 2017 at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando™.  The conference hotel is so new we put up an artist rendering but only the parking garage showed signs of construction.  There were over 300 sessions.  Rex Smith presented Securely transfer IFS extracts using native IBM i tools! on Monday May 8th at 2PM.  There were 15 other sessions and presentations going on concurrently at that time so there are a lot of learning opportunities for a wide range of interests.   See the filtered view of RPG IV focused content...

WMCPA's annual conference March 14-17 2017 was great...

WMCPA put together another excellent conference on the heels of last year's success.  There were over 20 speakers and 50 sessions included with conference attendance.  The snow on the ground made for nice views and an atmosphere of learning.  Upper class hospitality and comfort and value was provided by the Lake Lawn resort.  Tegratecs was there as a corporate sponsor working on focusing new business development efforts around IBM's DB2 for i data provider and proactive row locking with SQL techniques (for most any DB).
See speakers and conference schedule here...

Andrew Clark to present Writing Cross Platform SQL for The Omni User group...

The Omni User welcomes Andrew Clark from RT Analytics to present Writing Cross Platform SQL on January 17th, 2017 at IBM in Oak Brook Terrace, IL.  Andrew will be offering techniques that work across most if not all of the top databases, including Access 2003, SQL Server 2012, DB2 for i 7.2, Postgres 9.5.1, MySQL 5.6.11 and Oracle 11g.

Tegratecs announces CRTCSV IBM i *CMD licensed product...

Tegratecs Development Corp., based in Schaumburg, Illinois, has announced a new utility software product to create .csv, xml or tab-delimited text files on IBM i.  The Tegratecs licensing department indicates you can download a full functioning trial version of the product without charge or obligation, obtain a 7 day extension code online and install it within 30 minutes without talking to a salesman. 

Developers on IBM i OS will know this as a *CMD (command) object type that creates stream files in different formats on the IFS (Integrated File System).

CRTCSV licenses on a yearly subscription basis for $95 per year per partition regardless of tier or user count.

Create .CSV, Tab-Delimited .TXT or XML Stream File (an IBM i *cmd object type)...

Tegratecs announces new ASP.NET web project templates...

Tegratecs is pleased to announce completion of new web project templates for ASP.NET web forms and their immediate availability for use within internal websites.  The new templates feature use of the .NET Framework 4.6.1, Visual Studio 2015 and the MS Ajax Control Toolkit version 16.1, now maintained by DevExpress©.  Also featured in the templates is the infrastructure to support mixed language development and use of the best programming language for the task, whether it be C#, or ASNA Visual RPG 14.0.  Please stay tuned for download and licensing offers.

IBM announces IBM i 7.3!

On April 12th, 2016, IBM announced a new version of the IBM i operating system.  IBM i 7.3 runs on selected IBM Power Systems and PurePower Systems servers with POWER7, POWER7+, and POWER8 processors.  Way cool is the new temporal table support included with DB2® for i reported to allow an "as of" date and time support with minimal development effort, potentially providing a better alternative to other more time consuming and intracate application software development techniques.  Please take a look through these links for more information... 
Please see IBM i 7.3 can deliver... and
iNext Revealed As IBM i 7.3 from IT Jungle...

Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series!

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs!  After the longest drought in title repeats in known professional sports history, the Cubs played their hearts out in an unbelievable 7th game contest to win the title. 

Congrats also to the Cleveland Indians for a great year and great playoff run. 
Cubs Win W Flag from

Tegratecs announces licensing of the ASNA DataGate Webpak

Tegratecs Development Corp. of Schaumburg, IL is pleased to announce licensing of the ASNA DataGate Webpak 12.0 in April 2015.   DataGate Webpak is a runtime for Microsoft's IIS web server that supports ASNA’s Visual RPG (AVR) for .NET programming language in the code-behind.  AVR for .NET brings along several familiar constructs from traditional IBM i languages, yet incorporates full object-oriented (OO) interaction with .NET framework objects and methods at runtime.  AVR for .NET is compatible with running, instantiating and inheriting c# and components and web pages within the same website.  In addition to the ability to target stored procedures to MSSQL or IBM DB2 for i, the language provides support for RLA data access and data buffering, which comes in handy for advanced and nimble cursor-like random access using the keys to record index without relying on process memory.

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